Cars for sale in canada - sell your car online


Before we get started, we want to welcome you to Canacars.

Canacars is a growing platform and an intermediary between car owners wishing to sell their cars and those looking to purchase a new car.
We opperate within Canada and the united states, and look forward to expanding into other countries in the future.

We aim to ensure that all transactions and communication between our members is based on honesty and respect. And we specifically aim to make sure both parties come our satisfied with their transaction.


Our buyers and sellers are encouraged to communicate with respect and courtesy in order to complete a transaction.

We believe in honestly, fairness and making sure that facticious ads or sellers that engage in unethical selling tactics such as providing inaccurate description of the cars or lying about the specs are quickly removed from our website.

Cars for sale in canada - sell your car online



List your car with us and have potential buyers call you and message you with questions and requests to see the car you’re selling.

Choose from many cars available on our website from qualified sellers who are registered with us. Book an appointment to see the car with the seller today!

We also connect buyers and sellers overseas and help with communications in regards to importing those foreign cars that you love to drive.



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